TMS 042: Making an Email Client with Benny Kjær Nielsen

Benny Kjær Nielsen is a software developer and makes MailMate, a Mac email client for power users. In this interview he talks about life as an indie software developer and how crowdfunding enabled him to keep working on the app instead of having to get a job.

Special Announcement: Benny is giving away three free licenses for MailMate. All you need to do is send an email to and say that you want to participate in the giveaway. Last chance to participate is Sunday, March 23! The three lucky winners will be announced on the show.

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Takeaway Points

  • To compete against free products, find a small segment of the market whose needs aren’t being met.
  • Once you’re pricing your app above $20 or so, you’ve already lost the $1-$2 crowd so you might as well try $40 or $50.
  • Taking your app off the Mac App Store doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll lose all those sales. Some customers will find your online store.

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